Lindy 500 Schedule + Class descriptions

please see the bottom of the page for Class descriptions and locations.



7pm: Registration Opens

7-8pm: Happy Hour

8pm: Dance! 

11pm: Something wild



***Please see Fresh Blood Page for class descriptions

11:30am: Doors open at Mobtown (ALL FRIDAY CLASSES AT MOBTOWN)

12-1pm: Who are you as a Dancer, Really? With Joey Science

1-2pm: Lindy Hop Hijinks with Dani and Omar

2-3pm: Lunch

3-4pm: Dancing Through Life with Tyedric and Viktor

4-5pm:  Intro to Music Theory for Dancers with Tony

7:45pm: Auditions for the advanced track (at Mobtown). If you have taken Mobtown's Lindy 3 class in the past two years, you do not need to audition. 

8-9pm: Happy Hour at Mobtown! 

9pm-12am: Dance at Mobtown with Live Music by Michael Gamble and the Mobtown All-Stars

First band break: Mix and Match Prelims

Second Band Break: Mix and Match Finals

1-4am: Late night dance at the Ideal Arts Space

2am: Solo Jazz Competition


11:30am: Doors open at Mobtown and Ideal (back up audition time at the Ideal)

12-1pm: Class 1

1-2pm: Class 2

2-3pm: Lunch

3-4pm: Class 3

4:15-5:15pm: Class 4

8pm: Cocktail Hour at the Mobtown Ballroom

9pm-12am: Dance at Mobtown with Live Music by Michael Gamble and the Mobtown All-Stars

First band break: Strictly Prelims

Second Band Break: Strictly Finals

After band: Competition Awards/Winners Announced

1-4am: Late night at the Ideal Arts Space with Live Music by Jon Tigert and the Other Baltimore Allstars

2am: Endurance Contest


12:30pm: Doors open at Mobtown and Ideal

1-2pm: Class 1

2:15-3:15pm: Class 2

3:15-4pm: Lunch

4-5pm: Class 3

5-6pm: Class 4

7pm: Lindy 500 Save Your Soul Party at Paulie Gee's, with DJ Rob Macy


Intermediate - at Mobtown

The intermediate track will be taught by a variety of local instructors and is composed of two main chunks. First, the students will be generally tormented with an intense, technique-driven boot camp portion. This will solidify your basics, and, we hope, take them to the next level. Eat your Wheaties. The rest of the classes will focus on solo jazz material as an independent subject and then on the technique required to smoothly integrate solo jazz into your social Lindy Hop. 

Advanced - at the ideal


The majority of this track will be taught by our guest instructors, Marie and Anders, who specialize in solo jazz and are going to focus on making it a foundational aspect of your Lindy Hop. This class requires permission to join, and students must be advanced Lindy Hoppers and competent solo jazz dancers. Auditions will be held at the beginning of the weekend for those we can't immediately place.