Boxed Lunch - Sunday

Boxed Lunch - Sunday

from 12.00

There are a limited number of lunch options within walking distance of the workshops. The rush of students ordering can make it tough for everyone to have time to eat during their hour lunch break. That’s why this year Milk & Honey, a Baltimore based coffee shop and cafe (opening a location across from the Ballroom - but they don’t yet know when), has offered to deliver boxed lunches during our lunch hour.

Please note that the option to order lunch will end one week prior to the event.

Boxed Lunch Includes:

Sandwich, bag of chips, cookie or fruit $12

Sandwich Options:

Turkey: Turkey, Brie, Greens and Honey Mustard on baguette or multigrain bread

Ham: Ham, Coppa & Provolone with arugula and red wine vinegar on baguette or multigrain

Cheese: Fresh Mozzarella, Basil pesto, Sundried tomato paste on ciabatta

Vegan: Hummus, Avocado, pickled onions, roasted tomatoes and greens on multigrain or baguette

Drink add on's available:

Iced coffee for $2.50

Freshly brewed unsweetened ice tea for $2.50

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