Lindy 500 Scholarships

Lindy 500 Scholarships

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Here at Lindy 500 (and the Mobtown Ballroom) we don’t like it when the cost of an event prohibits someone from attending. At the same time, we have bills to pay. We try to give people as many affordable options as possible without tanking the event or going above our fire capacity (Lindy 500 volunteer program, the Fresh Blood Initiative, and we often give free passes to people who don’t have other options).

In past years, a number of attendees, especially those from Baltimore, have asked to anonymously donate a pass (or a partial pass) to be put aside for dancers who can’t afford it. It’s worked out, and we often see recipients turning around and paying it forward when they find themselves in more financially secure situations. That’s why this year we are giving attendees the option to kick in some extra cash to go towards expanding who has access to the event. If you’re feeling like you have some cash to spare, and you want it to go towards a hopeful attendee, feel free to add this to your cart.

Please see below for the fine print.

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Fine Print!

• The team behind Lindy 500 is still very small, and we have not yet decided the best form for our scholarship program to take. For that reason, patrons don’y yet have the opportunity to decide who the money goes to and for what purpose. Please only donate if you trust us to use the money wisely and with integrity. It may pay for someone’s pass to the event, or we may decide to wave the entrance fee and use the money to fly young people in from out of town (it’ll depend on the amount that is donated and the needs people have). We promise to try and get the most out of every dollar, but we aren’t yet at a point where we have some kind of annual report that you all get to see.

• We aren’t a 501(c)3, and therefor the donations are not tax deductible (unless you have some trick for that). Donations are purely out of your desire to donate.

• We don’t announce who receives scholarships, we don’t make them perform, and we don’t require anything in exchange for receiving the money you donate. This is something we really believe in: we want the scholarships to bring more people together, not draw attention to financial differences.

• Samantha Forey, our local trusted Lindy Hopper and professional accountant, has graciously volunteered to be an accountability check. She will see what we bring in and how we use it. In the event that we do something evil, she will throw a public fit and ruin our reputations.