Marie N'diaye

Marie N'diaye is a Lindy Hop and vernacular jazz choreographer, performer and instructor.

Marie has been dancing almost as long as she has been walking, training mostly in modern Jazz. She fell in love with Swing, Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz in 2007.

A true scientist, Marie loves history and facts. She has been not only studying the roots of the dances through old clips and collaborations with other dancers. But also has conducted research on the different dancers of the swing era. Her main focus being the jazz women and chorines of the time. 

Marie worked and danced with the fantastic teachers of the Cat's Corner Studio in Montreal before moving to Stockholm where she teaches at the Chicago Swing Dance Studio. She also teaches internationally, in France, Spain, England, Australia, Russia, Sweden... as well as at the world famous Herräng Dance Camp


Anders Sihlberg

Anders is a swing dance instructor and performer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has studied dances such as ballet, contemporary and authentic jazz since the age of 10 and developed a passion for body movements and teaching dance. At the age of 13 he fell in love with Lindy Hop and has since then been fortunate to teach and perform around Sweden and Europe. Today he teaches regularly at Chicago Swing Dance Studio and travels around Sweden, spreading his passion for dancing to the Swedish youth.


Breai Mason-campbell

Breai Mason-Campbell (she/her) is a Baltimore native, community activist, teacher, dancer, and cultural counselor. A keeper of the African American vernacular tradition, she has directed and performed at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Mechanic Theater, the Hippodrome, and most recently during the opening ceremonies for the National Museum of African American History and Culture at the Smithsonian. Her work has been supported by grants from Teaching Tolerance and the Frankie Manning Foundation, which named her a Cultural Ambassador in 2014. From 1998-2003, Breai danced with three professional African Dance companies between Boston and Baltimore until the founding of her own company, Guardian, in 2003. Guardian works for positive social change through the practice, performance, and passing on of African American movement traditions. Dances which reflect the African American cultural legacy comprise Guardian’s repertoire: West African Dance, Lindy Hop, Popping, Locking, Breaking, Vernacular Jazz and Baltimore Club. Guardian trained students who won 2nd place in the International Lindy Hop Juniors Division in 2013, and 3rd in 2014. Breai has developed and implemented curriculum for various Baltimore City Schools, and regularly gives public talks on Art’s role in the transformation of culture. She is a wife, and the mother of two.


Charlie wieprecht

Born and raised in Baltimore City, Charlie Wieprecht (he/him) is the Ballroom’s poster child, mascot, and Lindy Hop success story. Charlie started taking classes from the Ballroom staff right here in Baltimore City in 2010. He was quickly given the nickname “Bambi,” adopted as the intern, and made to do grunt work in exchange for classes. Now one of the best dancers and instructors in the region, he teaches many of the Ballroom’s classes, travels around teaching and competing at events, and has blossomed from Bambi into the beautiful and talented buck we always knew he could be. In Charlie’s free time he performs with Baltimore based company, Guardian Dance, teaches Lindy Hop to middle school students in Sandtown, and secretly practices his light saber skills when the Ballroom is empty.



Jon Tigert

Jon Tigert is an internationally recognized professional  Dancer, Choreographer,  and Instructor in the Swing Dance community. As a teacher, Jon specializes in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues, Jazz and Tap. Jon has performed and taught all over the world, including in Montreal, Chicago, New York, Santiago, Budapest, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rome, London and more, as well as with the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestras as a featured artist. Newly based out of Baltimore, Jon can often be found traveling the globe spreading his love of Swing to all of his students. 


Kyra Isaacs

Kyra Isaacs began swing dancing in 2011, continuing the love for dance she has had her entire life. She found swing dancing to be an outlet of unrestricted creativity and joy. Kyra has a unique style that combines aspects of her previous dance experience, personality, and creativity. She uses connection in new ways, surprising her partners and creating a feeling of teamwork within the dance. Her goal in teaching is to inspire people to dance in a way that is authentic to themselves and the music.

other staff

aries Indenbaum - Emcee

As an emcee, Aries has hosted, instigated, and enabled countless parties and celebrations. They’re often found on top of a chair; toasting births and successes, introducing notable humans, and celebrating life. They are justifiably proud of their Caesar Flickerman, Lumpy Space Princess, and Nigel Thornberry impressions, as well as their extensive knowledge of Steven Universe songs.

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Michael Seguin - co-owner of Mobtown Ballroom

Michael started dancing in Seattle in 1999, and helped build the swing and Lindy Hop Program at the world famous Century Ballroom. In 2008 he moved to Baltimore. He began working on the dance scene by teaching classes and drinking with students on his porch. Michael has competed and taught all across the country, but he is devoted to the Baltimore dance scene and hopes to leave as little as possible. He is noted for a snarky style that only thinly veils how much he cares about his students. You can find him at the ballroom every night of the week, sometimes wearing a red sequin jacket when it’s time for announcements.




Sarah Sullivan - co-owner of Mobtown Ballroom

Sarah Sullivan also co-owns the Mobtown Ballroom and Lindy 500. She has been dancing since 2003 and has organized and taught in a number of cities including Baltimore, San Diego, and Boston. While Sarah has travelled extensively for Lindy Hop, her main interest is in the development of local scenes and the impact that Lindy Hop can have on the cities it happens in. Sarah also studies a number of other dances including Baltimore Club, West African, Breaking, Locking, and Popping. She dances with Guardian Dance, a dance preservation company dedicated to practicing, performing, and passing down historical dances in Baltimore. In her free time Sarah play jazz music with the New Old Fashioneds.