Baltimore lindy hop championships

Started in 2017, the Baltimore Lindy Hop Championships is the regions’s most loved Lindy Hop competitions. In classic Baltimore fashion, we take it seriously enough to push ourselves, but not so seriously that it isn't fun. Everyone is encouraged to compete. We are unabashed in our cheering. The judges are picked for their dancing expertise, their values, and their independence from the international Lindy Hop scene.

Prizes (primarily for the Mix & Match and the Solo Jazz Competitions) include passes to: Lindy on the Rocks in CO, Second City Swingout in Chicago, Rhythm is Our Business in Nashville, and Vernacular Spectacular in Montreal.

Open Mix & Match

Enter this contest solo and get randomly paired with a partner. We will rotate three times so that each contestant dances with three different partners in the prelims. Contestants will be randomly paired with a single partner for the finals.

This competition is open to dancers of all levels. $10/person to enter.

invitational mix + match

This year we want to reignite the fire under the undercarriages of some of our more experienced dancers. We also want our students to have the opportunity to witness those dancers throwing down and competing with each other. People in this competition will be invited prior to the event. They will be randomly paired with another dancer, and each couple will be judged by their peers.

solo jazz

Enter this by yourself and dance your heart out. This competition will happen during the Friday late night, and it will be a “tap in” format. Everyone will dance for a few songs, the judges will tap in the finalists, and we will immediately go into finals. Judged on awesomeness, so be awesome.

$10 to enter. You must have a dance pass to Lindy 500. 


Simple. Elegant.  Enter as a couple and dance until you can’t anymore. The music will increase in tempo progressively. Last couple standing wins. You must be doing full out Lindy Hop. Moderators will tap you out if you stop or get lazy. It will be awesome, and everyone should enter. 

The endurance comp will happen late on Saturday night, is free, and doesn't require registration. The winners each get a $50 tab at our bar (good for drinks, classes, and our weekly dances). Start training now.