Lindy 500
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Mobtown Ballroom presents...

lindy 500

And the Baltimore Lindy Hop Championships

August 16-19, 2018


get ready

Lindy 500, Baltimore's biggest Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz event, is coming your way August 16th-19th, 2018. This year the weekend will feature over 15 workshops, two track levels, three nights of dancing, a soul night, competitions, and world famous instructors. 


In 2018, we're doing things a little differently, placing an intense focus on solo jazz, personal movement, and putting the dancing back into your Lindy Hop. We will offer two track levels: Intermediate and Advanced. The intermediate track includes a Lindy Hop boot camp followed by a wealth of  solo jazz classes. The Advanced track focuses on using your knowledge of solo jazz in your Lindy Hop. Auditions are required for the advanced track, and student must be both advanced Lindy Hoppers and competent solo jazz dancers. 


Marie N'diaye (Sweden), Anders Sihlberg (Sweden), Breai Mason-Campbell (Baltimore), Jon Tigert (St. Louis), Charlie Wieprecht (Baltimore), and Kyra Isaacs (Delaware).  

Fresh Blood initiative

We strive to shake things up, so this year we are adding Friday classes that will be taught by amateur instructors. These classes wereselected from submissions made by you, the people, in order to give new instructors the experience of teaching at an event and students the opportunity to learn from people with fresh ideas. We value the crazy levels of experience and expertise in the professional Lindy Hop scene, but we also acknowledge that professionalism can sometimes lead to a homogenous national style. This is Baltimore. We want to push ourselves, and you.


This year, we're bringing back the Mix + Match, Strictly Lindy, the solo jazz , and endurance contests. All levels welcome. 


Michael Gamble and the Mobtown All-Stars will be playing the main dances! Mr. Gamble, co-owner of Lindy Focus and a regular on the swing circuit, is handpicking the group he thinks most likely to cause outright convulsions of musical ecstasy. That's not hyperbole, folks, that's just how he gets down. The late night band will be led by Jon Tigert. You're DJs are Rayned Wiles, Tony Vergara, and Omar Myres.